"Turning data into information and information into business value" describes best what drives me as a data warehouse consultant.

Starting off with a focus rather on the technical side of a solution I learned over time that it is actually the business user using the solution who matters most.

Opening up to the business user perspective, deriving from there the requirements and then using all the tools and knowledge I have to deliver the best solution is what drives me and keeps me motivated.

Working 15+ years with Teradata and over 25+ years in the IT industry gave me insights in data warehouse projects for retail, health insurance and logistics companies as well as an understanding of the dynamics and constraints of data warehouse projects. Working together with juniors and seniors alike is not only something through which I learn a lot every day, but also that there is a great value in each and every person.


Since I joined Teradata in 2001 I have been working in various data warehouse projects, both short term and long term engagements, for example:

2017-today Customer Maersk Line (container, logistics), Copenhagen, Denmark
2017-2017 Customer NORDEA (banking), Stockholm, Sweden
2016-2017 Customer SDC A/S (banking), Ballerup, Denmark
2012-2016 Customer Maersk Line (container, logistics), Copenhagen, Denmark
2008-2012 Customer GKV Spitzenverband (health insurance), Berlin, Germany
2001-2007 Customer BKK Bundesverband (health insurance), Essen, Germany

Skills & competencies


  • data modelling (3NF, dimension model)
  • phyisical implementation and performance
  • database applications
  • database query optimization
  • data quality, data profiling
  • team work
  • team lead
  • tech lead



  • C/C++, Java
  • Linux, shell, tools
  • SQL
  • Teradata Certified Master



  • languages: german, english, danish



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